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Professional Bitcoin Trade Desk
Hedged Capital over underwriting

Earn up to 150% on your Bitcoin balance per year with Bitvesto
Use different crypto trading options for your Bitcoins (BTC),
where we secure up to 80% of your deposit depending on the strategy used.
Our trading also includes an innovative arbitrage component, which can give you additional income.

01 Start-up support

How can you get started?

Create an account

To register, simply complete the registration form.
It’s free to register.

Choose your deposit amount

Click on ‘Top up balance’ in the administration menu and send the amount you want to your internal wallet address via BTC or XRP.

Get quick returns

After a 10-day activation period, we automatically return your share to your returns account on the Wednesday of the following week.

Place your deposit

We need up to 10 days to place your deposit on the market to then regularly generate profit for you.

Historical returns

02 Profit distribution

Bitvesto pays out returns from the previous
on Wednesday every week.

Income from the previous week is paid out to the parties involved. Bitvesto retains 35% of this for administration, affiliate and maintenance costs.

Weekly profit distribution to you as an investor 65%

Administration, affiliate and maintenance costs 35%

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03 In-house

Everything is developed in-house
from the idea to the finished product

The best things are always homemade.
That’s why we developed a wealth management platform for you to be able to manage your Bitcoins.
It’s fast, reliable and user-friendly.
Bitvesto combines professional Bitcoin wealth management and our partners’ trustworthy trading strategies with an intelligent online concept with easy access. You can conveniently and flexibly visit your back office and use all of the functions around the clock with a PC, tablet or mobile phone. You can see the weekly development of your deposit in your personal chart statistics and can therefore monitor the continuous development of your income. You can also make payments in and take payments out. The back office gives you complete transparency.

We work with up to 63 crypto exchanges to arbitrage trading, which is fully automated and professionally followed by traders. An intervention can therefore be made manually at any time.

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04 High returns

High returns and a growing coin
portfolio for everyone!

Everyone can benefit from Bitvesto’s crypto management experience and weekly returns, even with low deposits. All of the points listed lead to the fact that we have created a fully automated added-value system to bring our investors closer to their goals or to allow them to achieve their goals faster with us.

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